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I LOVE my personal sauna!!

Rated 5 out of 5
April 1, 2021

I have had my personal sauna since 2017 and I use it on a regular basis and just love how I feel! I’m so excited to share so I will try not to be verbose. I find it has helped to relieve my gut issues of distention and detox my body, Every single time! I drink water before, during and after to help flush the toxins. It also helps reduce my lower back pain and restless legs from sitting at my desk all day. The BEST part is having my heart and head out of it as I have never been a fan of sitting in a total body sauna and was unhappy that I couldn’t get those benefits.
I bought this immediately upon seeing it. As a licensed medical aesthetician, I understand the benefits of infrared being systemic so there’s no need to be completely covered in a square box and having to sweat it out. It’s easy and fun this way – and I can even go out for the evening right after a session. This open space allows me to relax, watch Tv, read a book or talk to someone while I’m receiving the wellness benefits. This truly is the ultimate sauna!!
Rodney has been excellent with customer service and he’s so knowledgeable that it’s always a joy and comfort to speak with him.
P.S. I have not had any mechanical issues and the wood is truly gorgeous and made with perfection. It accents my living room beautifully.
Note: I am a very detailed woman and say all of this with full integrity!
10 stars+ from me!!

Rene Stern from Florida

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