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Whole Body Wellness Concepts is a company founded on the premise that there is more than one way to achieve pristine health. We believe in the following premise: that the human body is a healing machine and given the right environment the body has the ability to keep itself in peak health. Further we believe that by employing a holistic approach to wellness an individual can stay healthy by implementing the right tools for preventing the onset of many diseases and ailments so common in our society today. We also believe that it is never too late to regain optimal health and that if what you are doing now isn’t working don’t give up try something new.

We provide a series of products that help support the body’s ability to heal itself. We encourage you to create an environment within your home that uses high quality proven methods to detox your body, all the while removing dangerous poisons from your home. We are also concerned with your nutrition; from the foods you eat to the way those foods are prepared.

Exercise (movement) is a fundamental of good health and we want to see people moving as easily efficiently and effortlessly at age 80 as they did at age 8. Do not sell your body short; pain isn’t an inevitability, you need not suffer.

Our hallmark product is and will continue to be the Personal Infrared Sauna, however we will continue to add new and innovative products to our site as our research establishes its ability to achieve these ends.

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