The Ultimate Personal Infrared Saunas

Just getting started where the others leave off.

The Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna
gives you what no other sauna can.

1. You must be completely enclosed in a sauna to treat the entire body.
2. You must sweat to detox.
3. The hotter the sauna the greater the benefits.


Open Design

Since infrared interacts with the entire body on a cellular level (systemic) and greatly improves whole body circulation there is no need to be completely enclosed to get 100% of the infrared benefits. You will benefit from the top of your head to the tip of your toes by creating a “Healthy Internal Fever” while never breathing hot air or feeling claustrophobic again.

Fight or Flight vs
Heal, Rest & Digest

The sympathetic is your natural state of being awake also known as “fight or flight”. The parasympathetic is the state your body wants to be in to heal, rest and digest. In your Ultimate Sauna your body, at a moderate temperature, will enter and remain in the heal, rest & digest state for the entire time you are in the sauna. It will also remind your body how to more easily attain that state and help sleep come easier and be more restful.

Time Control

The more time you can spend in an infrared sauna the better it is for you. Every manufacturer gives a specific time limit for how long you can safely stay inside an enclosed sauna. We have no such limit. At a moderate temperature and with your head and heart out of the direct heat you will not risk overheating therefore you can enjoy your Ultimate sauna for as long as you choose because you are in control of your sauna your sauna isn’t in control of you.

6 Heater Design

Surrounding your body with six heaters gives you the maximum benefits possible. Infrared is a beam of light which cannot be reflected bounced or blown so the light rays must be in direct contact with your body to receive any benefit. Six heaters assure that you get the most body coverage possible and with high quality patented heater technology and super low EMF’s you know you are in good hands. Remember time not temperature gives you the most infrared benefits.

No Sweat Option

A recent article in National Geographic sites research that proves that there are no detoxification benefits to sweating. Save your sweat, minerals and electrolytes for rigorous physical activity and let your body’s natural filters do the detoxing for you.  With a 90-170 degree range, you can choose the traditional sweat method or our proven dynamically superior results, clothes on, “no sweat”  option.

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The benefits of infrared are numerous and significant and the research shows us that the longer you remain surrounded with infrared the better and the more lasting its effects are. Sitting in the Personal Infrared Sauna up to your chest allows your heart and head to be out of the heat so you don’t overheat and you can stay in the unit longer to maximize its health benefits.

This revolutionary breakthrough in infrared sauna technology baths the bottom 3/4ths of your body in infrared to effectively heat your entire body from head to toe and never expose your head or your heart to extreme heat.

Hippocrates said, “Give me the chance to create a fever and I would cure all diseases”.

Although this has been quoted many different ways and credited to a number of sources the message is the same, and because your head and heart are out of the heat the Personal Infrared Sauna can slowly raise your core body temperature giving you a “healthy internal fever”.

The other and equally important reason we keep the heart and head out of the heat is to keep your body from overheating. Your brain can only focus on one thing. If you are overheating your brain is focused on cooling you down. Since we are not a sauna company but rather a wellness company we would rather your brain focus on creating a state of wellness inside your body.


Got pain? Have a seat!

30 minutes was great, regular use is even better

5.0 rating
September 2, 2020

I tested a Personal Infrared Sauna at a Mother Earth News Fair in August 2019. I felt enormously better after 30 minutes. I found two saunas nearby that I could try briefly. Then I made the leap. I’ve been using it for the better part of a year: on hot days, a minimum of 30 minutes; when it’s cold, multiple hours. (I set up my work on the “desk.” I do get up and move around, but then back to the sauna.)
It hasn’t cured everything, but it significantly increases mobility and decreases pain, especially in my legs. Before (and I assume if I stop) using it, I couldn’t easily pick something up off the floor or readily get in and out of the car. Now I do those things without hesitation.
I’ve invested a lot in traditional and alternative health care, supplements, and so on. Much of it has been helpful. But there are few things that I can directly credit with strong positive benefits: the sauna is one of those rarities.
Big gulp for us on the investment. Worth every penny.


I love my personal IR sauna.

5.0 rating
November 28, 2019

I bought one of the floor models from their booth at the NE Natural Health Expo a few weeks ago. I’ve been using it everyday, sometimes more than once. I love how great I feel after using it. There were other kinds at the expo but I liked the quality of this one. Wouldn’t change a thing. Thank you!

Kathryn Mahoney

Response from Personal Infrared

So kind of you to take the time and share your experience with other. I am so please that you not only like you sauna but you are using. Keep it up

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Your Body is a Healing Machine!

What is Infrared?

Think about going out in the sun and feeling the warmth of its rays go down deep within you. That’s infrared and that’s what we duplicate in the Personal Infrared Sauna, the good rays of the sun.

Why is infrared sometimes called “fever therapy”?

Infrared, just like the good rays of the sun, heats the inside of the body not the outside. This radiant heat is sometimes known as “fever therapy” because it goes to the cellular level and raises the body’s core temperature giving you a “healthy fever”. Fevers are designed to push the toxins out of the lymphatic system, into the bloodstream and out through elimination.

Are there any side-effects?

There are no side effects from sitting in infrared, as a matter of fact studies show the longer the exposure to infrared the greater the health benefits.