Health Benefits

Our Ultimate Sauna does what no other sauna can!

Key Issues that Affect Our Nation’s Wellness

Toxic Environment


Viruses, Pathogens


Compromised Immune System

Auto-Immune Disease

Poor Circulation

Skin Disorders
High Blood Pressure

Out of Balance Metabolism

Weight Issues
Colon Health

Chronic Inflammation


We can show you how this sauna can…

Rid your body of toxins

Total Detoxification

Kill viruses, parasites and pathogens

Healthy Internal Fever

Improve your immune system

Boosted Immune System

Create greater circulation

Improved Circulation

Balance your metabolism

Balanced Metabolism

Get rid of chronic inflammation

Reduced Inflammation

The Ultimate Personal Infrared Saunas give you
what no other sauna can.

Open design:

Since infrared interacts with the entire body on a cellular level (systemic) and greatly improves whole body circulation there is no need to be completely enclosed to get 100% of the infrared benefits. You will benefit from the top of your head to the tip of your toes by creating a “Healthy Internal Fever” while never breathing hot air or feeling claustrophobic again.

Time control:

The more time you can spend in an infrared sauna the better it is for you. Every manufacturer gives you a specific time limit for how long you can safely stay inside an enclosed sauna. We have no such limit. At a moderate temperature and with your head and heart outside of the direct heat you will not risk overheating, therefore, you can enjoy your Ultimate sauna for as long as you choose because you are in control of your sauna, your sauna isn’t in control of you.

No Sweat Option:

A recent article in National Geographic sites research that proves that there are no detoxification benefits to sweating. Save your sweat, minerals and electrolytes for rigorous physical activity and let your body’s natural filters do the detoxing for you.  With a 90-170 degree range, you can choose the traditional sweat method or our proven dynamically superior results, clothes on, “no sweat”  option.

Fight or flight vs heal rest & digest:

The sympathetic is your natural state of being awake also known as “fight or flight”. The parasympathetic is the state your body wants to be in to heal, rest and digest. In your Ultimate Sauna your body, at a moderate temperature, will enter and remain in the heal, rest & digest state for the entire time you are in the sauna. It will also remind your body how to more easily attain that state and help sleep come easier and be more restful.

Six heater design:

Surrounding your body with six heaters gives you the maximum benefits possible. Infrared is a beam of light which cannot be reflected bounced or blown so the light rays must be in direct contact with your body to receive any benefit. Six heaters assure that you get the most body coverage possible and with high quality patented heater technology and super low EMF’s you know you are in good hands. Remember time not temperature gives you the most infrared benefits.

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The Ultimate Personal Infrared Sauna is just beginning where the others leave off.
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