Frequently Asked Questions

These are the most frequently asked questions but if you have a different question please reach out to our wellness professionals for your answer. Contact us with your questions.
What is infrared?
The simple, non-scientific answer; Think about going out in the sun and feeling the warmth of its rays go down deep within you. That’s infrared and that’s what we duplicate in the Personal Infrared Sauna, the beneficial rays of the sun.


Is the Personal Infrared Sauna for only half my body?
The benefits of infrared are numerous and significant and the research shows us that the longer you remain surrounded in infrared the better and the more lasting its effects are. Sitting in the Personal Infrared Sauna up to your chest allows your heart and head to be out of the heat so you don’t overheat and you can stay in the unit longer to maximize its health benefits. This revolutionary breakthrough in infrared sauna technology baths the bottom 3/4th of your body in infrared to effectively heat your entire body from head to toe and never expose your head or your heart to extreme heat. Hippocrates said, “If I can find a way to give the body a healthy fever I would cure all diseases”. Because your head and heart are out of the heat the Personal Infrared Sauna can slowly raise your core body temperature giving you a “healthy fever”. The other reason we keep the heart and head out of the heat is to keep your body from overheating. Your brain can only focus on one thing. If you are overheating your brain is focused on cooling you down. Since we are not a sauna company but rather a wellness company we would rather your brain focus on creating a state of wellness inside your body.



What will the Personal Infrared Sauna do for me?
We don’t know what the Personal Infrared Sauna will do for you because each person’s body is different. The infrared heat goes down to the cellular level so the results of sitting in your Personal Infrared Sauna will be what your body needs. What we do know is there are many benefits of infrared heat. The research indicates the major points of interest are detoxification, increased circulation, boosted metabolism, boosted immune system, decreased inflammation and changing the water in your body to alkaline. What the results will be in your body we do not know, but we do know all these benefits are great for overall body wellness.



Why is infrared sometimes called “fever therapy”?
Infrared, just like the good rays of the sun, heats the inside of the body not the outside. This radiant heat is sometimes known as “fever therapy” because it goes to the cellular level and raises the body’s core temperature giving you a “healthy fever”. Fevers are designed to push the toxins out of the lymphatic system, into the bloodstream and out through elimination.



How long can I be in my Personal Infrared Sauna?
We recommend a minimum of 15 minutes per day with no maximum. Because the heart and head are out of the heat you will not overheat. But because this heat goes to the cellular level your entire body benefits. The important thing is daily use which will help allow your body to create a state of wellness. Remember the longer you sit in infrared the better you are going to feel. But always be in touch with your body. Some people only need 15 minutes and some need much longer periods of time. It’s all about to what your body needs.



What if I feel dizzy from being in my Personal Infrared Sauna for extended periods of time?
As you detox at a faster rate because of slowing raising the core body temperature some people who are very toxic may start feeling dizzy. I this happens we suggest sitting in your Personal Infrared Sauna in intervals of 15 minutes with hours in between and drinking larger quantities of water to purge the toxins from the body. After a time ( different for each person) the dizziness will cease and you may go back to unlimited use in your Personal Infrared Sauna. The key is listen to your body. You will know when your body has had all it needs of infrared heat for that sitting.



Are there any side-effects?
There are no side effects from sitting in infrared, as a matter of fact studies show the longer the exposure to infrared the greater the health benefits.



Who is restricted from going in the Personal Infrared Sauna?
With the Personal Infrared Sauna there are very few restrictions. We do not encourage pregnant women because we have never tested them to see if infrared is safe for them and we never will. The only other restriction would be people on Chemo. Always consult your doctor before beginning any infrared regime.



Is it safe for children?
The Personal Infrared Sauna can be safe for children at moderate temperatures. Make sure their heart is out of the heat. If you have to put them on a booster seat in order to insure their heart is out you must turn the bench lamp off. Children should not have the bench lamp on unless they have specific gut level or detox issues and then for very short periods of time, 5 minutes on, off for 15 minutes, on for 5 minutes etc. Remember children should be monitored at all times.



Am I too far gone for this to help?
You are never past the point of no help. It is precisely because infrared can help boost your immune system and detox etc. that it is never too late. Watch how quickly you feel a difference.



What if I have cancer?
If you have cancer and are currently on a chemo regime you should not use an infrared sauna. Infrared is so effective at rebuilding your immune system that it would counteract the effects of the chemotherapy. If you currently have cancer and are not on a chemo regime or in remission from cancer look at the research regarding cancer and infrared therapy and make an informed decision on whether the Personal Infrared Sauna is right for you. If you believe it is then immediately begin your Personal Infrared Sauna regime.



My doctor said I need to detox, will this help?
Far infrared saunas are recognized by health professionals worldwide as perhaps the most effective method of removing both chemical and heavy metal toxins from the body, such as mercury, aluminum, and other environmental toxins. People are traditionally used to detoxing in saunas through sweating. Though we feel this is a wonderful way of detoxing we believe there is an even more efficient way since some toxins, such as heavy metals, are to large to go through the poores. We believe that the combination of slowing raising your core body temperature giving you a “healthy fever” and allowing the brain to focus only on healing will detoxify the body at a more effective level. The Personal Infrared Sauna system because of its design meets both of these criteria and allows your body to detox in the most beneficial way.



How does it help with the immune system?
It strengthens the body’s immune system by stimulating increased production of white blood cells.



How does it help pain?
Far infrared sauna use can help promote rebuilding of injured tissue by having a positive effect on the fibroblasts, the connective tissue cells necessary for the repair of injury. It also can help increase growth of cells, DNA synthesis and protein synthesis all of which is necessary during tissue repair and regeneration.



If I don’t have pain why do I need a sauna?
Since we are not a sauna company but a wellness company we are focused on helping people who are ready and willing to invest in their overall health. Sometimes we, as a society, wait until we have pain to address our health issues. But we at Whole Body Wellness Concepts believe that helping the body do what it is designed to do, which is heal itself, can and must be done at anytime. The Personal Infrared Sauna gives your body the building blocks to help with the task of total body wellness.



How does this benefit athletes?
The Personal Infrared Sauna is by far the most effective way to rid the body of lactic acid making it possible for the athlete to train or perform at a higher level more quickly than without the use of this sauna. Also because of the ability to have the heart and head out of the heat there are no restrictions on the amount of time an athlete can remain in the infrared. This allows each athlete to use the Personal Infrared Sauna a minimum of 15 minutes for warm up then after the workout a minimum of 15 minutes for cool down and dissipation of lactic acid. As many athletes sustain injuries we also encourage longer periods of sitting in the Personal Infrared Sauna as studies show that infrared will help the body heal in half the time.



Do I get in the sauna before or after my workout?
Before and after workout. Before your workout the Personal Infrared Sauna warms the body, and makes ligaments and tendons more pliable which is more beneficial than a traditional warm-up. Then after workouts the Personal Infrared Sauna will help remove lactic acid that has been created so you can work out harder, sooner and remove the soreness from working out.



I have a metal plate, will it hurt that?
With any type of implant you always want to ask the question, “Can I go out in the sun?”. The rays inside the Personal Infrared Sauna are just like the good rays of the sun so if you are able to go in the sun with your implant you can safely go into the Personal Infrared Sauna. You have an added benefit if you have a metal plate that is titanium. Titanium effectively reflects infrared rays without becoming hot or even warm giving the area around the metal a double dose of benefit.



I’m diabetic, my doctor said I can’t use a sauna.
This is generally true because of blood pressure issues. But because of the unique design of the Personal Infrared Sauna allowing the heart and head to be out of the heat there are no problems with the blood pressure. As a matter of fact use of the Personal Infrared Sauna has been know to balance the blood pressure and therefore can be used by virtually everyone.



So as a diabetic, how will this help me?
An increase in vasodilation and therefore blood flow is of benefit for everyone using the Personal Infrared Sauna. Specifically diabetics who suffer from neuropathy benefit to a greater extent because their blood flow issues are much more profound. Also far infrared has been shown to help regulate the flow of insulin from the pancreas in some people.



I want to stay longer in my sauna but the seat is getting too hot. What can I do?
The seat lamp is a near infrared bulb that gets very intense. It is designed to promote health in your gut level, intestines, colon, male prostate, female uterus, hemorrhoids and sciatica. Because of the intensity the seat lamp has its own on/off button separate from the remaining far infrared heaters. So tap the button just above the power button to turn this lamp on and off. Remember the seat lamp automatically comes on when you turn the sauna on each time.



When the seat starts getting uncomfortable just tap that lamp off (just above the power button). The rest of the heaters will stay on for you to enjoy their peaceful heat.

I can find this type of sauna on the internet. How is this company different?
We are the #1 Personal Infrared Sauna Company in the US. We are #1 because of our expertise.  If you are buying infrared for the health benefits wouldn’t you want to invest your health with the people who have studied this model and know it better than anyone in the US? The Personal Infrared Sauna was not even known in this nation until Whole Body Wellness Concepts started sharing it at shows around the country. As people have experienced the amazing health benefits of the Personal Infrared Sauna the excitement has grown. We are a wellness company that is focused on attracting people who are ready and willing to invest in their health. If that is you we invite you to join the growing family of people who are taking back their health through the Personal Infrared Sauna system.
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